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Lucky Lawn of Stamford, CT has been providing award-winning irrigation, lawn care, landscape lighting and drainage solutions to its customers since 1988. With one call, our pro-active team is there to assist you, so that you can nurture and showcase your lawn year after year.

Lucky Lawn is owner-operated for hands-on guidance. A single call gives you access to a unique blend of services including irrigation, lawn care, landscape lighting and drainage from a loyal workforce dedicated to our clients for as many as 20 years providing friendly, professional and consistent service.

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James M. Buchanan

Since 1978, Jim Buchanan has worked in the lawn care industry. Prior to starting his own company, he worked with one of the largest irrigation/lawn care companies in the country.

Jim is fully licensed and has achieved the highest degrees and certification for lawn care, irrigation, drainage and landscape lighting. He continues to attend seminars and educate himself on the latest technologies, newest products and state-of-the-art equipment. Born and raised in Stamford, Jim built this business while raising four children and is pleased to provide personal lawn care service to his hometown and nearby communities.

Jim's main focus is to create the irrigation and lighting design of your dreams as well as ensure that clients get the personal attention of himself and crew on first day of installation.

D.E.P State Licensed Supervisor
J3 Lic. #208889
Lic. #S-1873
N.Y. Lic. #WC-21493-H09


J.P. Kealy

Since 1982, J.P. has worked in the irrigation and landscape lighting industry. J.P. is fully licensed and has achieved the highest degrees and certification in his field. Born and raised in Darien, J.P. now resides in Wilton with his family. J.P. takes great pride in being a hands-on owner dedicated to providing true customer service. He responds immediately to calls, listens to his customers and gets to know them so that he can provide the best solutions.

J3 Lic. #208825
N.Y. Lic. #WC-21494-H09


Lucky Lawn Irrigation prides itself in providing the finest in-ground irrigation systems for your lawn, shrubs and flower pots. We serve over 1500 satisfied customers throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties. The owners are hands-on….present at all new installations!

Professional Site Design
Owners Jim Buchanan and/or J.P. Kealy, who have turf & shrub knowledge and licenses, will inspect your property and custom-design an irrigation system to keep your lawn green even during a drought, when it’s needed the most.

Installed by professionals, there is minimal disruption to your existing lawn and vegetation due to our high-tech machinery. It’s a turn-key operation, from inside plumbing to installing the sprinkler heads, normally installed in just one day.

Activation / Winterization
Upon activation, we check every zone to make sure each sprinkler head is functioning properly. Upon winterization, we ensure that your system is clean, protected and totally water free utilizing a heavy duty air compressor… ready for the cold and prepared to serve you again next year !

Our service crews are headed by Mark Koteles who has over 30 years experience and can diagnose and troubleshoot any irrigation issue. In addition, our service technicians have over 15 years experience in the industry.

Lawn Care

Established in 1988, Lucky Lawn is managed by a team of professionals who realize that every lawn is different and it’s our mission to insure that our customer’s lawns stay lush, green and healthy all season.

Customized lawn program
Once you place a call to Lucky Lawn, owner Jim Buchanan, will personally assess your lawn care requirements and recommend a program that could include:

  • Slow-release fertilizers
  • Weed control
  • Shrub care
  • Season-long grub control
  • Lawn disease control
  • Core aeration
  • Seeding and rolling
  • Limestone
  • Tick control
  • Mosquito control
  • Soil tesing
  • Organic programs and more

We are a smaller, more personalized company. Year after year, you'll become familiar with the faces of your lawn crew, headed up by foremans Chris Sheridan with over 20 years of experience and Jason Magnano with over 10 years experience.

Landscape Lighting

Lucky Lawn Landscape Lighting designs, installs and services landscape lighting systems throughout Fairfield County. We realize that landscape lighting is an art form where success hinges on quality, safe operating components, creative design precision and proper installation.

Lucky Lawn utilizes the most energy efficient LED Bulbs in the industry.

Personalize your evening landscape with specialty lighting. Subtle distinct fixtures allow you to showcase any property in a way that reflects individual taste and personal style.


Illuminate your specimen trees and walls for a dramatic effect


Cast shadows and create a moonlight effect year round while increasing the safety and security of your property…Romance and function


Lead your guests to a preferred entrance or through your gardens


Silhouette your landscaping

Recommended by professional landscape architects throughout the area, Lucky Lawn Landscape Lighting is the clear choice for homeowners who demand the highest quality products and service to light up the way they live!


You can count on the trained professionals of Lucky Lawn Drainage to correct any lawn drainage problems you’re having which can include:

  • Wet basement
  • Excess standing water
  • Wet, brown grass
  • Muddy patches
  • Soil erosion and more

Do you know that approximately 70% of the water from your gutters ultimately ends up in your basement? When gutters drain to close to the foundation, water can work its way into the basement through tiny cracks or porous walls causing flooding and/or causing your sump pumps to work twice as hard as necessary.

The right solutions
Lucky Lawn Drainage will diagnose the problem, talk with you about the best solution, custom-design your drainage system and professionally install the right products with minimal disruption to your lawn including:

  • Surface drains
  • French Drains
  • Dry wells and more

When your solution is complete, drains can quickly capture and transfer water away from one location to another, solving your drainage issues!